NFT Market

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are a disruptive way to store data on a digital ledger through the blockchain.
Differently from a fungible asset, such as Bitcoin or the MDUSA token, NFTs are unique, where one NFT is different from another.
Arts, tickets, videos and photos are examples of NFTs, but they can be much more. The imagination is the limit.
Why do they have value? Value has a subjective side. If you imagine a painting, some people can place a high value on it and some don't.
With NFTs, you can prove you have something unique that others don't. NFTs are also part of the history of the crypto market through the blockchain.
Considering only the biggest NFT marketplaces, the market cap of this section had already more than 11 billion USD and moved around 150 million USD each day, according to September 2022 data.
A new market with limitless possibilities.
We truly believe that NFTs, as crypto assets, can have a lot of possibilities of use, including investment assets.
That being said, we are inside this segment with projects bringing different values to each collection of NFTs. Some are artistic, others have game functions and others with a ludic side (comic).