First NFTs

When crypto meets animation.
In our view, NFT Technology in particular allows businesses to build with their community feedback. A stronger tie regarding traditional companies. On web3, the community is in charge.
Considering that we wanted to create OceanCats World with the help of people around the world, NFTs were our choice.
The creative process leads us to otters. A cute animal that doesn't get a lot of attention from humans, but that is about to change. We want to make our otters famous all across the world and what better way than an NFT Collection on Ethereum Blockchain?
So we made our first naked otter (like he came into this world), but at that moment we realized we wanted our otters to have human traits so we decided to give them some clothes so they can also express themselves through what they are dressing. Of course, we want these furry friends to have as much freedom as possible to be themselves!
From there the process went on and each character started to come to life with their artwork, personality, and backstory.
One of the first NFTs