In OceanCats, our NFTs will have more utilities than be just an art or an eccentricity.
The goal is to deliver more value through time beyond the ones that we have already. Below we listed the initial utilities of OceanCats.

OceanCats Series

Our main utility will of course be our Series.
People will be able to watch the OCATS Series episodes and even receive a share from the ads and the licensing deals of OceanCats Series obtained in the future.
This mean that as we grow the show the NFT holders will continuously profit from it, giving the community very solid reasons to hold their NFTs for long periods of time.

Otter Pools

In order to get access to the revenues, you have to take your NFT to the otter pools, our unique and sustainable staking pools, where users get a share of our revenues by staking their otter. Staking pools coming soon after official launch.
One really cool thing about OceanCats NFTs is that they are all potential characters of the series:
The purpose of creating an animated series with a community allows to create an unique world: thousands of people building the character of their own otter.

Otter Dapp

At OceanCats County, you build your own otter.
Powered by NFT technology, you can give a personality to your character using our Otter Dapp, where OceanCats holders can develop their otter character both physically and mentally, name it, choose what it likes to do on a rainy friday, who is it dating, what are its hobbies.
This information will be immortalized on your own NFT, even in case you sell it. New owners will build their otter traits from the previous owner's metaprofile. If you bought an NFT with a personality you dislike you can always buy some SEAWEED and forget about your past.
On every new episode, we will incorporate the most voted otter of the month by our community, getting a direct compensation to the holder of the NFT character. This means that anyone has the chance to have their character featured on the show!