The Project

OceanCats is building a web3 animated cartoon show around a world where everyone is an otter.
We are building a humor cartoon show, where every character is available as an NFT. A merge of entertainment with blockchain technology.
Contrary to every cartoon show, our project is built with the community. From character development to story creation, holders have a saying at the OceanCats Universe.
Aiming to become an entertainment top brand working with licensing deals, toys, ads, merch and a major fanbase, these otters are unstoppable.
In order to create the animated series, a team with different skill sets, ambition and funding are needed. With that in mind, in order to kickstart operations and build the community, we decided to create the first OceanCats NFT collection. The NFT Collection will include 10 000 profile-picture otters.
In addition to that, investors will be entitled to receive a share of profits from the OceanCats world, through the staking of their NFTs.
OceanCats is driven by its goal to become a worldwide known comedy animated series, product of the creativity of a diversified team. Our inspiration comes from our childhood and shows such as: South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Big Mouth, Pineapple Express, Wolf Of Wall Street, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family.
Throughout the OceanCats' whitepaper, we will walk you through an introduction to the project, the plan and the strategy to grow OceanCats into a worldwide movement.