Medusa Protocol Whitepaper
What is the Medusa Protocol?
Medusa Protocol is a web3 ecosystem bringing new out-of-the-box blockchain solutions.
We love creating, and Medusa Protocol is the birthplace and accelerator of all projects we propose to explore.
MDUSA is the ecosystem token, where revenues from the different operations within our project are distributed to the token as buyback and burns.
Invest in MDUSA to own a share of all operations and solutions within our ecosystem.
Investing in MDUSA means receiving a share of all opportunities being explored, including:
  • Medusa Easy Staking Protocol (MESP), a completely unique staking protocol where holders and project owners can create their own pools in 2 minutes and add it to their websites;
  • Celestia Game, an NFT sustainable play-to-earn card game;
  • OceanCats, an original cartoon series, powered by an NFT Collection of 10 000 highschool otters;
  • NeoSurrealism NFT Collection, a Medusa partnership with a collective of artists powering a limited edition NFT collection.
All powered by MDUSA, the ecosystem governance token.
These are some of the activities (but not all) which the Medusa Protocol Team proposes to explore, as incorporated in our roadmap.
Throughout the whitepaper, one will go through our vision for Medusa Protocol, our market analysis, our ecosystem, the MDUSA token, utilities, sub-projects, sources of revenues, marketing strategy, info about the company and as well as understanding of how we plan to keep on delivering throughout our roadmap.
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