MESP - Easy Staking Protocol

At Medusa Protocol, from start we focus on pursuing different opportunities powered by blockchain technology.
We believe that a startup must have a reliable source of revenues initially, as a source for scalability of Medusa Protocol and the MDUSA token. With this thought in mind, we created our first available protocol.
Medusa Easy-Staking Protocol (MESP) is a multi-chain staking service provider.
A platform for other crypto projects to easily set up their own staking pools in 2-minutes and embed them on their own websites. Without any upfront cost.
A platform for investors to find and stake their tokens on a secure platform, being able to find diverse information about each project and pools, provided by the respective owners.
We automatized the process to setup a staking pool for any project through our website and our incoming dapp.
In our staking platform, projects developers can easily and with no upfront cost, create and deploy their own staking pool.
This feature saves a lot of time and funds for project developers looking to add a new utility to their projects, by rewarding their holders through their own staking pool.
With MESP, users will be able to create their own staking pool in less than 2 minutes in several chains such as BSC, ETH, SOL and POLYGON, choose the rewards token that they want (can even be our own $MDUSA), choose the staked token allocation for the pool, choose the APY for the pool and we will calculate the duration of the pool for you.
Also, anyone (seller, investor, or company) can use a specific referral code to get a share of the staking pools built through your unique referral code. Apply here.
Find out more about the MESP Protocol at our website.