What we envision
What is the Medusa Protocol?
Medusa Protocol is built with the future always in mind. A startup seeking to disrupt the environment with completely unique solutions and creations.
We have a different vision for crypto. We see it as the medium to build a community of supporters around a project. The medium to generate revenues to compensate the investors directly through sales and revenues from our services.
MDUSA is a different type of crypto asset. A utility-powered crypto token relying less on market volatility, and more on the services that the startup provides.

The beginning

We started with our big dream of building the Medusa Live Streaming Dapp. Something completely unique in the world. A decentralized platform for everyone to easily monetize their content. A place where creators are well compensated and the platform doesn't keep huge percentages of their earnings. A platform where the Medusa Community is the pillar.
After significant analysis, we figured out it would be a mistake to launch a live streaming dapp without a big community of hundreds of thousands of supporters behind it. The competition in the social media field is huge, and a platform with only a few users is a guaranteed failure.
For months we reflected on how to grow our startup into something people would be curious upon. We rebranded, improved a lot and worked on conceptualizing a clear path to reach our goals. And in the meantime, new ideas popped in our heads.


MDUSA token offers an investor a diversified investment exposure, being indirectly backing the developments of projects within Medusa.
Projects with their own whitepaper and roadmap. Projects supported and supporting the Medusa Ecosystem, exploring synergies among them.
Projects created by the Medusa Protocol Team.
At the moment, our team is working at: Celestia (NFT Game), OceanCats (NFT Collection with an animated series), MESP - Medusa Easy Staking Protocol and an App for Live Streams. [See more about these projects in Section 5 of this Whitepaper]
We then decided to create a whole ecosystem of projects powered by our startup, a Web3 venture builder developing a whole range of services and projects.
We started to work on these projects and started to release new information. People from different fields within crypto were getting interested. From the fans of NFTs, to the fans of DeFi tokens, Medusa Protocol is capitalizing this diversity and using it as a path to grow our community as a whole.
We wanted to ensure that investors of MDUSA tokens are awarded by betting on our success, so we created a set of smart contracts with the direct connection among our blockchain projects, ensuring that all projects within the ecosystem are connected through the MDUSA token.

Why Medusa?

In greek mythology, Medusa had a relevant role in history. When she was beheaded by Perseus, she gave life to Pegasus (the winged horse) and Chrysaor. Perseus was one of the biggest heroes of ancient Greece using the Medusa's head and Bellerophon using the horse Pegasus had another relevant role in the history.
As mythologic Medusa, Medusa Protocol aims to be a big player in the crypto-assets scenario; modifying for better the place we are inserted while we give life to great and unique projects related to crypto.

Medusa Protocol

So today we define ourselves as a crypto venture builder, the Medusa Protocol. Betting on disruptive opportunities in the Crypto assets Market. Always growing our protocol with different services and operations to ensure a diverse range of revenues flowing into the project.
Starting with the MDUSA token, following the extensive roadmap in order to keep on delivering and expanding our business to the next level, consolidating us a DeFi Player with a lot of potential to keep on growing.
Everyone at the Medusa Protocol team is aware of the big challenges we are proposing and are very confident in our capabilities to deliver.
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