Medusa Ecosystem

Get to know more about Medusa
The Medusa Ecosystem is the hub connecting all ideas and services within the Medusa Protocol.
Medusa Ecosystem follows a strategy of englobing all beneficial creative ideas generated by our team and community while interconnecting them and exploring their synergies.
Our goal is to build an Ecosystem Hub for solutions and projects inside the crypto scenario, where the system grows and makes the subprojects grow too as a side effect. So, the purpose is to develop several utilities under this ecosystem, with direct and indirect revenue sources, connected through the governance and ecosystem token, MDUSA.
The Medusa Ecosystem creates and enables a good variety of crypto initiatives to bring power to the Medusa Protocol as a whole and, in consequence, to the projects that are inside or that will enter our ecosystem.
The first projects are to ensure the beginning of the Company with cash flow, differently from most startups. All of them are to bring convergence to Medusa Ecosystem as a whole. In the Project Section, you may find more information regarding the projects under development.
As the main features of Medusa Protocol gain more relevance, more projects will come in time, which will increase the revenue streams of the system and bring more relevance again for all of the projects inside the Ecosystem. All communities from the different projects will be under the Medusa Ecosystem.