Medusa Protocol is founded with a passion for crypto markets and startup environments alongside a desire to make a difference in these scenarios.
The main goal is to build an Ecosystem, a Hub for solutions and project buildings inside the crypto market, where the system grows and makes the subprojects grow too as a side effect.
The first projects are to ensure the beginning of the Company with cash flow, differently from most startups. All of them are to bring convergence to Medusa Ecosystem as a whole.
The mechanism of Easy Staking Pools (MESP), for example, is something to bring more users in the beginning and that investors, like us, would appreciate, and this is one of the main assets to gain traction in the whole system.
More projects will come with time as the main features gain more relevance, increasing the revenue of the whole system and bringing more relevance for all of the projects under the umbrella of Medusa Protocol - a vicious cycle.
The Medusa is moving fast and in several directions. Everything is thought with careful consideration, to not bring wrong moves for our system and always with the future of the project in mind.