Unit Actions

A handful of choices will be available for all units to perform, which include moving, attacking, and using abilities. Both attacking and using abilities will finish a unit’s round, exhausting it, so make sure to always move before attempting these actions, if you need to. Attacking engages both units in combat, which will then exchange damage points, starting with the attacker by default. If a defending unit dies before it can retaliate, the attacker does not suffer HP loss. Besides these, some are only performed by Gods or Heroes:

Casting spells

Gods are the only units capable of such. After paying the required amount of action and special action points (AP and SAP) to play a spell card, choose a god unit as a point of reference to cast and determine its reach. This action is considered an ability and will exhaust the unit.

Placement in the commanding zone

Gods are the only units capable of such. Performing this ability will provide the player with additional AP generation each round and unlock a unit’s commander abilities, which may only be accessed while the God remains as a commander. In this position, a unit may not participate directly in battles as an attacker or as a target. This costs SAP and will exhaust the unit.

Commanding abilities

Gods are the only units with access to these. Powerful abilities, some of them will affect the whole battlefield, so using these wisely is of core importance for a successful strategy. Cost more AP and SAP than average unit abilities and will exhaust a unit.

Equipping items

Heroes are the only units capable of such. After paying the required amount of AP and SAP to play an item card, choose a hero unit to equip it. If equipping straight from your hand, this will neither cost AP nor exhaust the unit. If exchanging the equipment between heroes, the units will need to be adjacent, it will cost SAP, and will exhaust the donating hero. Equipment may only be wielded by units that match its level requirements.