Characters and Lores

We believe the story behind every card has a substantial role to play in a trading card game. This helps the player to identify with different characters and develop a deeper connection to the game.
Since we don’t want to make just one more forgettable videogame, this gives Celestia a strong personality to make building a player base somewhat smoother.
We’re developing a load of different plot nuclei to fit every card we come up with. Units, items, spells, places, all of them will be related somehow to their own niche backgrounds, which will also influence the way these cards’ arts look. These plots of course will be expanded in size and number as the game development moves forward.
Plot orientation will also serve as a driving factor for in game events. We’ll come up with different seasonal ones to help build community knowledge about different plot nuclei, by highlighting related cards and providing easier means to acquire them.
Every character that joins our roster will always come with his background written. So far, Celestia website holds all the material we have for now, and it’s being regularly updated with new iterations.
Don’t hesitate to check the lore section, there’s a lot to browse through.