Celeste's Tournament

It was time for the multidimensional pantheon of higher beings to welcome their newborn member, Celesté. There was, however, one last step for her to achieve maturity as a deity: Her divine attribute was yet to be determined. In order to finish her incubation as a goddess, she was then assigned to rule over a whole godless universe, to do as she pleased.

As young as she was, curiosity for all things was very quick to hit her. However, as quickly as it came, it also left, since nothing seemed worthy of her time and felt too monotonous to behold.

After a few millennia, as races competed for evolution, kingdoms clashed for power, empires expanded to the stars, and black holes consumed stars she was stricken with the wonder of competition.

The thrill to behold living and non-living beings facing against each other provided her with such an amazing feeling that sent shivers down her spine. Thus, fueling her with new motivation to begin writing her story on this universe, her universe.

This discovery drove her to a whole new level of engagement. Such was her commitment, she realized a tournament could be held across all of her dimension in order to motivate her jesters.

The Quantic Stellar Tournament sounded like a good name for it. From the smallest of atoms to the largest of supermassive blackholes, whichever substance with the motivation to it could join her spectacle to compete for her ultimate blessing: A single wish, provided by the all-powerful goddess herself.

Her envoys were then sent to the four corners of the universe to spread the word about her grand event. Whoever and whichever being had the will to join, should only attend one of her endless planetary beacons and would quickly be summoned to her palace.

A massive moving space temple serving as both a resting area and an arena, capable of scaling up and down each of the contestants for a fair fight.

Build and upgrade NFTs to create vicious combos and achieve harmony within your deck to overcome your opponents in the best possible way.

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