Blockchain Gaming Market

When gaming meets crypto
Games are something that humankind uses to develop personality, logic and other traits essentials to survive. This happens since the dawn of humanity.
We surpass many different kinds of games and now we face the digitalization of games. The Gaming industry today has more value than the Cinematographic industry which leads us to a variety of opportunities. This multibillionaire industry has a lot of potential yet. The new segment of this industry is the Blockchain gaming with criptoassets, blockchain and play-to-earn mechanisms.
One of the most iconic games of this new segment is the Axie Infinity, which had a lot of attention, games and, of course, revenue. Only Axie Infinity had US$ 1.3 billion in revenue in 2021.
Blockchain games and P2E mechanisms are a good way to bring new people to the Gaming Industry and to recompensate the hours of gameplay, in a way that players, community and stakeholders of a company will gain.
This is why one of our inside projects is the Celestia game.