Special Action Points (SAP)

In order to perform more complex and powerful actions, special action points (SAP) will work as the means for balancing the frequency with which these are performed.
Unlike AP, obtaining these is strictly an active process, hence not making themselves available at the beginning of each round for free.
Whenever an enemy unit is slain, players will be rewarded with SAP, both the slayer (in a higher amount) and the victim. It is also possible to sacrifice deployed units to obtain the same amount one would receive if it was slain in battle.
Some items and spells may also provide a passive generation of these at the beginning of each round for a limited time.
Another difference between SAP and AP is that this resource (SAP) does stack between rounds, to a maximum of 6 points. So it might be worth the wait to stack all of these and come up with a strong movement spending all of them at once.